2Original Scents: Fleetwood Melts

2original wax melts bag

2Original Scents is a new melts and candles maker in Fleetwood. They aim to provide your favourite smell at a lower cost using premium and ethical resources with their unique range consisting of some old classics and some new must-haves.

Who is 2Original Scents?

2Original Scents is a local business in Fleetwood that is family-run. With their passion for fragrances, they have started to make cheaper, ethically sourced products to help people enjoy the aromas around their homes. Some products may be based upon existing fragrances, but they have also taken a new look and provide a range of their unique scents.

The Benefits of Soya Wax

The wax being used is 100% natural wax derived from soya beans. One UK company has been producing soya since 1998 and has seen a rise in the demand for the vegetable. Apart from wax, soya is primarily used for making Vegan food to feeding animals from the waste material.

What Are The Fragrances?

2Original try to use infused oils for the environmental benefits and the cleanliness of the burn as infused oils are created naturally by using plant cuttings to get the most natural scent possible. However, as it’s not a concentrated scent, it is not as distinctive.

Essential oils are created using a variety of methods, some of which include the use of alcohol. Alcohol can have a negative impact as it often means there will be waste chemicals being burned. So, as to possibly cause smoke etc.…