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Affordable Admin, a company located in Blackpool, has started offering virtual admin services throughout the UK. Although they operate from Blackpool, that doesn’t restrict them in any way from providing professional B2B support.

Where They Can Help

Some small businesses or self-employed people may struggle to balance client work and administrative work. They are often being left without time for themselves. However, Affordable Admin can virtually help you!

Having your own virtual office admin can give you a massive advantage over your competition. Affordable Admin can provide services such as dealing with your client enquiries and diary management to Document and Accounts Handling.

Affordable Admin Logo

How Affordable Admin Works

Virtual Administrative (VA) services offer to be a flexible alternative for any business. So, instead of them having the added stress of hiring directly, they can support your business for a monthly package, meaning you only pay for the productive time used.

Client and Diary Management

Firstly, Your own Virtual assistant will help with making the first impression for your client. So they will help get all the correct details for you and then they can prepare you for your meeting. Secondly, Making sure to update your diary with your current events and meetings ensures they won’t miss a beat.

Document Handling

Managing your business may be difficult as there may be regular paperwork that needs to be submitted. Although Having virtual administrators working on your behalf will ensure they are on time and save you your time. You will still have a say on how much work they do.

Accounts Organisation

Some people sometimes don’t prepare for their accounts at the end of the year. So, this means you may have unneeded stress at the end of the year or maybe incur a fine!

However, You may just need paper collating, invoicing completed, payments chased or years of accounts completing and submitting.

How To Hire Affordable Admin

Affordable Admin has its own site as well as its own pages on social media. So Get in touch with them via the links below. Also, there is plenty of information on their services available.