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British essentials Local gardener

We have adjusted to having certain technologies in this modern day. What effects does this have on the British essentials culture?

I don’t expect to answer this but open the question up and see what topics are worth mentioning. Moreover, covering Stores and Chore related work in the UK.

We Need Our Local Gardeners

It has been a case of the wealthy having Gardeners tend to their manors in the past. Moreover, in the current age, it’s more apparent that people have become accustomed to hiring a local gardener to look after their gardens; whilst they get on with their busy lives.

British essentials Local gardener

Though Depending on where you are in Britain this could be a different story. Some rural local towns may struggle to find a gardener and resort to doing it themselves.

Close Community British Essentials

Over the years it’s been a part of British culture to share your garden with a neighbour, for a good party; or just a chin wag. This is starting to come back as a trend with the current pandemic having caused a separation for so long.