Cards Beyond Comfort – Look Inside

The Improvement Artist Team

Cards Beyond Comfort is a new trending card game. So, do you need help to overcome obstacles and better yourself? A new local company might have the answer.

So, let’s take a look inside the method they use to apply their own knowledge to help lots of others.

Who are The Improvement Artists?

A new local business called ‘The Improvement Artists’ have designed a unique style of card game. So, rightfully named ‘Cards Beyond Comfort’, it aims to help you overcome specific barriers to better yourself.

The Improvement Artist Team
The Improvement Artist Team

The Improvement Artist Team wants to help people better their physical, mental, and social health aspects. So using their combined experience, The Improvement Artist Team was born.

The Improvement Artist Team consists of two people called Mark and Joe. They are local to the Blackpool area and are currently taking pre-orders for their new product.

Also, since HILM thinks it’s essential to achieve your goals, we hope to promote them and their new product.

The Cards Beyond Comfort Health Game

The new health game, Cards Beyond Comfort, aims to help you engage and achieve a specific goal. It’s aimed at the mental, physical and social aspects of your health and overcoming related barriers.

Having found this new idea unique, I reached out to the team at The Improvement Artists to see what they had to say about their fresh take on the health game.

Health Game Display Cards Beyond Comfort

“Cards beyond comfort is a product that challenges your comfort zone and helps you to push yourself to your limits. We believe that nobody grows within their comfort zone and it is only when you break those barriers and push yourself, that’s when you learn things about yourself and you truly grow.”

June 2021 – The Improvement Artist Team

So, its aim could be to give you the tool you need to reach a goal that you’ve had in mind for a while. Or, if you’re looking to achieve a new plan, the cards will also help you there.

Who Would Need This?

If you have tried to achieve a goal in the past but always find yourself struggling, I would recommend Cards Beyond Comfort. They are very reasonably priced, and you are also supporting a local business.

The cards also provide full researched facts to help you achieve the goal you’re aiming towards accomplishing. Also, they lay an excellent foundation to help you continue learning on your own time.

Based on my personal experiences, the cards will significantly impact the health game because they provide an excellent way of working towards a goal with a tactile response.

Closer Look at Cards Beyond Comfort

I have tried a bunch of apps in the past, but nothing stacks up to this. The product seems very simple to use; also, it looks like a lot of thought and energy has gone into the research.

Here are some close-up images of the product and another excerpt from The Improvement Artists Team:

“Cards beyond comfort consists of 52 unique challenges split into 3 categories: mental, physical and social. Each card gets progressively harder as you work through the deck and outlines whether the challenge is easy, medium or hard. Each card has the scientifically backed up benefits on the back, along with instructions on how to complete the challenge with a illustration tailored to that challenge. You go through each challenge one by one, testing your own abilities and your own mindset, improving yourself with each card and becoming a better version of yourself”

June, 2021 – The Improvement Artist Team

Could I Use an Alternative Card Game?

There are other options, like beneficial apps/games, to help you with your health. However, I have found that they are too instructive or are uninformative.

Free apps that try to accomplish a similar feat are crawling with adverts, which makes them unusable. So, this doesn’t make them very engaging, and most are not very unique.

Having physical cards can be a lot more engaging; many people learn languages using this method. So, Applying the same technique to different aspects of your development should also work!


The Improvement Artists have their website linked below to buy the cards to help you and them.

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