eScooter Upgrades? Get More Power!

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Have an eScooter? They are a great way of getting around small towns or urban cities, like Blackpool.

But it is a shame that the law around them disallows them in public in England. That’s why I have made an easy guide for eScooter upgrades.

escooter review in blackpool uk

What is stopping you from upgrading it a bit, then? I have described some of the key ways to improve your eScooter since you will be using it on private land, with landowners permission, anyway. Make sure to wear a helmet!

Disclaimer. this guide presumes you know some level of basic electrical engineering knowledge.

eScooter Upgrade Equipment

Here I will outline all of the equipment you will need to get your eScooter boosted. I have found it’s best to buy through Amazon, as their return policy is fantastic.

Motor Controller 500W Ratchet Crimper

Why Amazon?

I have used various other sites to order from but had lots of issues and struggled with support. Amazon has a quick turnaround. It is important as this project involves a bit of DIY, and things may go wrong.

Easy Wire Upgrade Process

Some upgrades require you to solder wires together. However, this is tedious and can be dangerous. I have linked above to the crimping tool allowing you to make your very own wire ends.

You can use the Ratchet crimper with Male and Female Insulated Bullet Connectors. They usually come in packs of 3 different sizes. So it makes making your connections super easy to make.