Griddle Girls Lunch With a Twist

Girddle Girls in Poulton

The Griddle Girls are Living up to their aptly named takeaway. So, As lunchtime can be difficult when you’re not prepared. I usually prepare a meal the previous night to make sure I don’t waste time on lunch.

The Griddle Girls Trailer in Poulton
The Griddle Girls Truck in Poulton

However, today was different as I hadn’t prepared and needed to find somewhere local to eat. After speaking with colleagues about various nearby stores and vendors, I thought I would try one locally.

So, given the limited options in the surrounding area, The Griddle Girls had taken my eye with their unique name and logo. I thought to try it out to see if I have a new spot for lunch.

Tasty and Presentable Food

With a range of options available, it was a hard choice to decide what I wanted from their scummy looking menu. I’d heard about a ‘pizza’ style toastie that they do from a friend, so I asked about that.

Also, they showed me their fantastic menu, and I was pleasantly surprised at the choice.

However, if you are looking for their regular special, they update their social media pages daily with what they have to offer.

Excellent Service from the Griddle Girls

The atmosphere and service can be a big part of whether you would return to a place. However, the Griddle Girls have it covered with their friendly and pleasant service.

Also, they are accommodating in explaining their menu and talking about what they offer as a business.

There was a fair few of what appeared to be regular customers. They all looked to have a good relationship with the Griddle Girls. So, This is an excellent sign to see; knowing that people frequently go back there sure says a lot.

My Rating

The food was hot, affordable and very presentable, and It got my appetite going from the smell alone. I loved the taste of my toastie and would go back again. It was on a nice fresh fluffy toasted bread with some excellent flavour combinations. It was definitely enough to fill me up for lunch, especially with the homemade coleslaw.

Meal: The Italian Toastie and a can of pop

Cost: £4

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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